Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I/we need to come to counselling?

Every situation is different. As a general rule of thumb 6 sessions is a good starting point. We'd review how we each feel things are progressing at around session 3 or 4 and decide together how to proceed. It may be that 6 sessions (or fewer) feels about right or it may seem useful to do a longer piece of work, this will become clear as the work unfolds.

Thinking about my problems makes me feel unhappy, won't talking about them make it worse?

Uncomfortable feelings can be seen as valuable sources of information. Instead of causing us anxiety we can choose to think of these feelings as messages telling us that something is amiss. By talking about things we can identify and address the problem so you can let those unpleasant feelings go. We will always work at your pace.

What can I do to get the best out of counselling?

You really will get out as much as you put in.

Psychotherapist Dr Barry Mason developed an 'equation for change' and this is a great starting point for getting the very best out of counselling:

You'll need to commit to:


an openness to at least try doing things differently

actually doing the things we agree on in the session. Talking about doing them is sadly not enough!

remembering to try out these new actions again and again until they become habit

changes need time to take effect, your relationship will need time to repair and rejuvenate

Is what I/we tell you confidential?

Our sessions and their content are confidential and we will discuss this in more detail during our first session.

What insurances do you have?

I have both Professional and Public Liability Insurance.