People choose to have counselling by themselves for many reasons; you may be single, or you may be in a relationship but wanting to work through an issue without your partner present.

It's rare to have the chance to freely explore your thoughts, experiences and aspirations with someone whose primary concern is your wellbeing. This is what makes the experience of counselling so unique.

One-to-one meetings give us the time and space to focus on you and your individual needs. As we talk together you'll learn more about what you want from your relationships - what's working and what's not - and develop the tools to create fulfilling and lasting relationships.

I believe we each have the ability to write our own story and our work together can help you discover how you want your story to go.

Common Issues

There are many reasons why an individual seeks relationship counselling but here are a few of the common issues clients choose to work on:

  • indecision about whether to stay or leave a relationship
  • history of unsatisfying relationships
  • 'crossroads' decision making
  • difficulties making / maintaining friendships
  • commitment anxieties
  • sexual difficulties
  • jealousy
  • communication difficulties with parents / siblings
  • low self-esteem
  • impact of a bereavement on your relationships
  • problematic professional relationships
  • issues with trust
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